Definition of Snellen test in English:

Snellen test

Pronunciation /ˈsnelən ˌtest/ /ˈsnɛlən ˌtɛst/


  • A test of visual acuity using rows of letters printed in successively decreasing sizes (the Snellen scale).

    • ‘The Snellen test for visual acuity is the test most commonly used and is based on distance vision.’
    • ‘As with the Snellen test, each eye is tested separately and then together, with and without corrective lenses.’
    • ‘The values represented here are estimates of how the child would have scored on the Snellen scale.’
    • ‘Failing the department's Snellen test is indicative of generally poor visual ability, especially among 70 + year old drivers.’
    • ‘The Snellen scale tests distance visual acuity (distance vision) and is only one of the tests done to assess eyesight.’


Mid 19th century named after Hermann Snellen (1834–1908), Dutch ophthalmologist.


Snellen test

/ˈsnelən ˌtest/ /ˈsnɛlən ˌtɛst/