Definition of snidey in English:



See snide

  • ‘In hiding, his only human contact are glamour-chasing girl friends, snidey, shady minders and the builders renovating his rambling house.’
  • ‘Over the years we sat in many a drizzly car park on the dark perimeter of some God forsaken industrial town, solemnly munching sandwiches and making snidey remarks about salesmen.’
  • ‘By laughing at a snidey biog such as this we collude in the destruction of an already terribly injured woman.’
  • ‘You never know, it may just be a nervous laugh, brought on by facing up to five boot-faced, judgemental, snidey so-and-sos like you lot.’
  • ‘There are loads of celebrities who don't court the publicity and don't then get the snidey coverage.’