Definition of sniffily in English:




See sniffy

  • ‘The film was a big commercial success (the 1944 cinema audience being overwhelmingly female) and although the male critical establishment was sniffily dismissive at the time, it has had a healthy afterlife in feminist film studies.’
  • ‘But prices were surprisingly robust, and despite the rough and ready surroundings - described sniffily by one person as ‘amateurish’ - both buyers and sellers were pleased with the day's proceedings.’
  • ‘The German editors sniffily note that the Soviet authors thought that the Eagle's Nest, Hitler's mountain retreat at Obersalzberg, was a ‘castle’.’
  • ‘I said sniffily, ‘Did you honestly think I believed you?’’
  • ‘Some supermarket bosses said sniffily that the quality of organic food could not be guaranteed.’