Definition of sniffiness in English:




See sniffy

  • ‘In more than two years as an employee of a Scottish club he had never previously seemed so impassioned on behalf of his current home, or irked by the apparent sniffiness of some English attitudes towards its league championship.’
  • ‘That and his commitment to producing high art, with its attendant disdain of popular culture and even a sniffiness in relation to liberal democracy, have proved something of a turn-off for the reading public.’
  • ‘When I began reading his account, it's fair to say that I did so in an atmosphere of sniffiness.’
  • ‘Even Margaret Oliphant got short shrift, mainly because of the prevailing male sniffiness about the fact that this eminent Victorian novelist wrote for a living.’
  • ‘There is a lot of sniffiness in Europe about American culture which really needs to be done away with.’