Definition of snivel gear in English:

snivel gear


  • The items carried by a soldier for personal comfort in inclement weather.

    • ‘A final thought is that the snivel gear not only gives you comfort, it gives you trade items as well.’
    • ‘If your body armor does not have room for snivel gear underneath it, you may want a larger size.’
    • ‘Your full load of snivel gear, food, water, sensor, body armor and ammo can can weight over 130 lb.’
    • ‘Thursday's post is actually several posts, combined into one looking at packs, snivel gear, and more.’
    • ‘I don't want them in formation with their snivel gear on cause it's going to get hot later on.’
    • ‘Then they put back on their snivel gear and try to stay warm as wind whips through their position and the temperature plummets.’
    • ‘Take off the snivel gear when working and keep moving to stay warm.’
    • ‘They had rucksacks that could hold snivel gear and 3-4 days worth of other gear.’
    • ‘Many people use them as utility pouches as well; they carry a sizeable load of lifesaving equipment or can carry surprising amounts of snivel gear or mission-essential kit.’
    • ‘Almost every piece of snivel gear I have been issued in the last fifteen years was synthetic.’
    • ‘I learned that snivel gear is for when you stop moving, and soldiers sneaking snivel gear will become heat casualties in the winter.’
    • ‘If you say that one man can carry 75 lbs of ammo and, say, 3 days worth of water, chow, snivel gear, radios, etc., you are insane.’