Definition of snoek in English:


nounsnoek, snoeks

South African
another term for barracouta
‘snoek have been scarce this year so the boats have been standing idle’
another term for barracouta
  • ‘It had been a bad morning - the only seat in the restaurant was facing the sun, the snoek was off the menu, and I'd left the appropriate lens for my camera five minutes away from the sea-front restaurant in which I was seated.’
  • ‘This is followed by purse-seiming for pilchards, anchovy and juvenile horse-mackerel; ring and bow net harvesting of inshore lobster and deep - sea crab, and line fishing for tuna, kob and snoek.’
  • ‘Predators include snoek, kob, some shark species, seals and seabirds.’
  • ‘The Ministry of Food looked for cheap proteins, and meats like snoek and whale were served in the restaurants.’
  • ‘Imagine a future South Africa without the stirring sound of Shosholoza, the engaging sight of beautiful Zulu beadwork, or the delicious taste of traditionally-prepared smoked snoek?’


Afrikaans from Dutch, ‘pike’; compare with snook.