Definition of snooty in English:


adjectivesnootier, snootiest

  • Showing disapproval or contempt towards others, especially those considered to belong to a lower social class.

    ‘snooty neighbours’
    • ‘Kelly was hardly alone in his contempt for the snooty officials.’
    • ‘That snooty neighbour of yours may be sitting in the same row and spot you during the intermission.’
    • ‘Most events are free, and even snooty elitists are welcome.’
    • ‘They've got a snooty superior liberalist attitude to the working-classes and conservatives alike.’
    • ‘I look shocked as the snooty little brat walked toward the office.’
    • ‘It was the same snooty disdain masking the deep hurt she was feeling.’
    • ‘She was my mother's mother, a proud, snooty woman who had never really forgiven my mom for marrying my dad.’
    • ‘The American arts fan, long mythologized as a snooty, wealthy elitist, is changing.’
    • ‘They always gave that stuck-up, snooty look to old technical teachers like me.’
    • ‘Where was the nasal nerdy voice, the plaid suit, the snooty know-it-all haughtiness?’
    • ‘I suppose they're going to get all snooty and start treating me like their personal assistant.’
    • ‘Plus, no snooty attitudes or other conventional store trappings allowed.’
    • ‘In a paranoid mood, one might interpret that as frosty, even snooty.’
    • ‘You like feeling snooty about other people who disagree with you.’
    • ‘This is the snooty tone of most of the reports on consumer debt.’
    • ‘These new northern pilgrims are less snooty than their colonising predecessors.’
    • ‘It made it a bit easier for us that even the snooty critics seemed to expect more of that electronic stuff.’
    • ‘When her snooty daughter visits, she is embarrassed by her relative poverty.’
    • ‘Many felt, however, that in the snooty world of racing he was made an example because of his background.’
    • ‘A young fugitive on a motorbike ran out of petrol and was kissed by the boss's snooty daughter as a dare.’
    arrogant, proud, haughty, conceited, lofty, aloof, disdainful, superior, self-important, supercilious, exclusive
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Early 20th century from snoot+ -y; compare with snotty.