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another term for snot-nosed
‘I was the snotty-nosed kid who raided your refrigerator at 1am.’
  • ‘Imagine the band's shock when they gazed out across the crowd and instead of a wild-haired, mad-eyed, snotty-nosed insurrectionist rabble, they were greeted by nice smiles, polite applause and row upon row of well-pressed T-shirts.’
  • ‘People would know me from when I was a snotty-nosed young fella.’
  • ‘We're now plunging headlong into September, a month forever associated with tumbling leaves, bracing walks with large dogs and the slow arrival of snotty-nosed children onto school playgrounds.’
  • ‘So, it was with some trepidation that I offered to expose myself to a department of the snotty-nosed blighters little darlings, even with pay.’
  • ‘Every snotty-nosed kid, every whingeing teacher, every bad egg sandwich from the canteen, we get to hear about it.’
  • ‘I just have very little tolerance for those that act like snotty-nosed little boys when things don't their way.’
  • ‘Only a couple were the snotty-nosed women that used to be typical of estate agents anywhere in the Kingdom.’
  • ‘He always made time to sign autographs and have a chat to snotty-nosed kids like myself.’
  • ‘She was trying to sound like those snotty-nosed Brits!’
  • ‘She probably is a lovely girl and shouldn't waste her time on snotty-nosed people like you that think they're high and mighty in comparison.’
  • ‘No, I was a snotty-nosed kid around the pool in Townsville when Talbot brought the kids up there.’



/ˈsnädēˌnōzd/ /ˈsnɑdiˌnoʊzd/