Definition of snout beetle in English:

snout beetle


North American
  • A weevil.

    • ‘This snout beetle punches holes in the baby pods to lay eggs, and uncontrolled, will ruin almost all the peas.’
    • ‘A small snout beetle, it flies and sometimes infests grain in the field before harvest.’
    • ‘The state Department of Environmental Protection, South Florida Water District, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released the small Australian snout beetle in areas infested with heavy growths of melaleuca.’
    • ‘Consistent with the findings of aforementioned studies, other prey that comprised more than 5% of the diet included click beetles, ground beetles, snout beetles, ichneumonid wasps, ants (winged alates), and moths.’
    • ‘Japanese anemones are generally fungus and bug free, but aphids and snout beetles can sometimes be a problem.’