Definition of snow blindness in English:

snow blindness


See snow-blind

  • ‘Most people can only imagine what an attempt to reach Mount Everest's 29,035-foot summit is like: laboring to find oxygen, battling snow blindness, tunneling through 60-mile-an-hour winds.’
  • ‘The glass lenses feature 93 percent visible light reduction - essential for avoiding snow blindness while on glaciers - and an antiglare coating.’
  • ‘During World War II, medics accompanying German mountain troops were experts at treating frostbite, snow blindness, and other problems.’
  • ‘People suffering from snow blindness should be removed from direct sunlight and allowed to rest in a dark area with their eyes covered by cool, wet bandages until they can be evacuated.’
  • ‘Even before the ozone hole, sunburn and snow blindness were problems during the polar summer because ice reflects both visible light and ultraviolet energy.’


snow blindness

/ˈsnəʊ ˌblʌɪndnəs/