Definition of snowbell in English:



  • An Asian tree related to the storax, bearing clusters of fragrant white hanging flowers at midsummer, widely cultivated as an ornamental.

    Styrax japonica, family Styracaceae

    ‘Other woody plants include fragrant sumac, evergreen sumac, little walnut, Mexican buckeye, Texas persimmon, Texas snowbell, and western white honeysuckle.’
    • ‘Jean's fragrant snowbell accents a corner of the house and scents the air around the bench with its springtime blooms.’
    • ‘Star magnolias, Japanese snowbell, dogwoods, and a white fringe tree are planted on either side of another bluestone path that cuts through the sophisticated woodland.’
    • ‘Emerging from the skylight, I turn and walk right into a pearlescent heaven of snowbells (what a thoughtfully beautiful and observant name, like all the old names) and their perfume.’



/ˈsnōbel/ /ˈsnoʊbɛl/