Definition of snufflebuster in English:



Australian, New Zealand informal
  • A puritanical person who deliberately spoils the enjoyment of others.

    ‘sanctimonious snufflebusters who denounce the poor man for gambling a shilling’
    • ‘When he called someone a sniffling snufflebuster, no one had to go to the dictionary to know what he meant.’
    • ‘"You dirty, snivelling snufflebuster!" Cuthbert roared.’
    • ‘They will be regenerate if they attend Church long enough, and are not hunted out of it by some of you self-righteous snufflebusters!’
    • ‘Those old snufflebusters in Parliament would be the only men in the country earning their oats.’
    • ‘You prohibited his lectures to please the snuffle-busters.’


Late 19th century drawing on an earlier sense of the verb snuffle‘to show dislike or disdain by snuffing; to sniff at a thing in contempt’ + buster.