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  • Neither very good nor very bad.

    ‘a happy ending to a so-so season’
    • ‘“How are you?” “So-so.”’
    • ‘The Indians and Yankees have had similar so-so seasons after their usual superb ones, but at least the Indians have a valid excuse.’
    • ‘Coming off of a so-so 2000 season, he also has had injury and weight problems.’
    • ‘The act of giving up animal foods (and by animal, we include poultry and fish) doesn't automatically transform a so-so diet into a healthful one.’
    • ‘The paella, recommended by our server, is so-so.’
    • ‘The vibe between us was only so-so, so I said nothing.’
    • ‘The light was so-so, and I took the photos surreptitiously and quickly, as the proprietors of many stores do not like people taking photographs inside.’
    • ‘I'd rather have a so-so burger in a dive with a friendly waitress than a great meal in a place where the staff sneered at me and never refilled my drink.’
    • ‘Most of the dialogue was so-so, but it didn't spoil the movie a whit.’
    • ‘But then, after a so-so fight with yet another dinosaur, the movie is over, and it hasn't even had a climax yet.’
    • ‘The economy, usually the most important issue, is so-so, which may not add up to big gains for either party.’
    • ‘India has great batsmen and so-so bowlers, and Indian conditions are very different to everywhere else in the world.’
    • ‘Sushi, even in the best-known Japanese restaurant on the island, is so-so.’
    • ‘However, I don't know whether the chef was careless while cooking this dish, it tasted just so-so.’
    • ‘Too many more of these so-so auditions, and viewers could get easily distracted.’
    • ‘Even if you're only a so-so skier or boarder, you can still look the part.’
    • ‘When faced in a situation where you have second thoughts whether to buy a quality and expensive helmet over a so-so but cheap one, choose the first option.’
    • ‘The atmosphere, people, music etc is so-so and the place is likely to be full of expats, so don't go there to meet the locals!’
    • ‘An aggressive streak with free agency and trades has offset some so-so draft picks and mistakes with the defense.’
    • ‘So often a compelling presence in so-so and even lousy Hollywood pictures, he is here in the role of his life, and all his ballet dancer's fluidity and stoic intensity are brought to bear on it.’
    • ‘I finished a so-so 6th, but felt good or at least a lot better than I'd felt the week before.’
    mediocre, indifferent, average, middle-of-the-road, middling, medium, moderate, everyday, workaday, ordinary, tolerable, passable, adequate, fair
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/ˈsō ˈˌsō/ /ˈsoʊ ˈˌsoʊ/