Definition of so much as in English:

so much as

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  • with negative Even.

    ‘he sat down without so much as a word to anyone’
    • ‘Which is more than can be said for the DJ, who made it through the evening without so much as a murmur.’
    • ‘McCann then had the audacity to look up and whip it into the far corner without so much as a second thought.’
    • ‘Since then Bonds has refused to speak so much as a single word to the magazine.’
    • ‘Remind me to find out the name of that flooring company so I can be sure never to buy so much as a carpet tile from it.’
    • ‘His will left everything to his elder daughter and did not so much as mention Ann.’
    • ‘Not so much as a single head pic of a female footballer managed to creep into the sporting briefs.’
    • ‘She had not been ill, if she ever got so much as a sniffle I would take her straight to the doctors.’
    • ‘This recipe is rich and flavoursome, yet you needn't chop so much as an onion to make it.’
    • ‘Neither he nor Bridge had so much as a sniff of international football six months ago.’
    • ‘They actually repulse me so much that I seriously want to vomit if I so much as see one.’
    so much as, hardly, barely, scarcely