Definition of soaked in English:



  • Extremely wet; saturated.

    ‘he got absolutely soaked in the rain’
    • ‘rain-soaked streets’
    • ‘a sun-soaked beach’
    • ‘Tara held a small piece of twisted cloth soaked in oil over the little flame and the oil soaked cloth caught alight.’
    • ‘And by the time the show ended, we were all soaked and dripping wet.’
    • ‘Eventually they made it to the other side of the hall and slid down to the muddy and blood soaked ground below.’
    • ‘The water drops fell harder down unto the crowd of people, their soaked clothes clinging to their bodies.’
    • ‘They were both soaked to the skin and shivering from cold.’
    • ‘The sun felt wonderfully warm on his soaked skin, so he closed his eyes and enjoyed its soothing heat.’
    • ‘His clothes clung to him and raindrops trickled down from his soaked hair into his eyes and face.’
    • ‘Her soaked hair clung to her pale white face, her clothes adhered to her frail body, and her eyes were shut.’
    • ‘After a few wipes, the handkerchief was completely soaked with blood.’
    • ‘She was exhausted; her shirt was soaked with sweat and her hair was quickly falling into disarray.’
    • ‘His gaze flickers for an instant down at Tristan, whose shirt is now soaked with blood.’
    • ‘The jacket was torn, and the cloth was already soaked with blood in this region.’
    • ‘I had all my gear on and I was completely soaked with sweat when I got back.’
    • ‘Jade's back was turned to Tristan and her clothes were soaked to the bone.’
    • ‘They were all soaked to the bone, as they climbed up the rocky mountain.’
    • ‘When it was thoroughly soaked through, she ran the dampened cloth over her face, relishing the coolness over her sticky skin.’
    • ‘He looked down at the fragments of glass glinting from a now thoroughly soaked patch of carpet and groaned.’
    • ‘After four hours of traipsing over stones through a river, your feet were thoroughly soaked and still felt as if water was moving around them.’
    • ‘Hazel just galloped faster, she was soaked… her hair was stuck to her face.’
    • ‘Another roaring sound and the three kids were standing again in the empty room, clothes wrinkled, soaked and sweating.’
    dishevelled, disordered, untidy, unkempt, tousled, disarranged, messy, in a mess



/sōkt/ /soʊkt/


    soaked through
    • With one's clothes very wet; completely drenched.

      ‘my shirt is soaked through’
      • ‘she was soaked to the skin’