Definition of soapberry in English:


nounplural noun soapberries

  • A tree or shrub with berries that produce a soapy froth when crushed.

    a plant with saponin-rich berries that are used as a soap substitute (genus Sapindus, family Sapindaceae)
    another term for
    buffalo berry

    ‘The most common forms included beech-like trees, poplars, willows, cattails, sumac, soapberry, and conifers such as pines, sequoias, and false cypress.’
    • ‘Juniper trees are common throughout the canyon as well as mesquite, cottonwood, salt cedar, willow, western soapberry and hackberry.’
    • ‘Streams, although they may flow only intermittently, help support the growth of several trees, among them blue palo verde, mesquite, velvet ash, small-leaved mulberry, netleaf hackberry, and soapberry.’
    • ‘The seeds of bristly sarsaparilla, currant, and soapberry lie dormant in the soil and germinate only after being burned; ecologists call the process ‘seed banking.’’
    • ‘The closely related soapberry, sometimes also called russet buffaloberry, is S. canadensis.’



/ˈsōpˌberē/ /ˈsoʊpˌbɛri/