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  • 1The state of not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs; sobriety.

    ‘he leaves the festivities proclaiming his soberness’
    • ‘I missed Tyler, and not just because the protective side of me wanted to kick his drunk ass into soberness.’
    • ‘He believed he still held his coordination in his drunken stupor and shot an arrow to prove his soberness.’
    • ‘That just makes me look like an alcoholic, because I'm trying to prove my soberness.’
    • ‘Mary is a successful wedding planner who can arrange just about anything for a wedding - from giving a nervous bride a pep talk to snapping a drunk father of the bride-to-be back into soberness with one of the tools around her waist.’
    • ‘His soberness from the shower had faded away and the numbing cloud of alcohol had returned.’
    soberness, clear-headedness
  • 2The quality of being staid or solemn.

    ‘there isn't a lot of energy here due to the soberness of the music’
    • ‘I performed but my duty to the world and coming generations when I narrated those happenings in words of soberness and truth.’
    • ‘One finds a certain reservation and soberness among those who have experienced actual combat.’
    • ‘I guess the best case scenario will be if some soberness gets back into design and real estate ambitions.’
    • ‘Their landlords must ensure they always present themselves as persons of respectability, judgment, soberness and economy.’
    • ‘His film is a feminist parable painted in a riot of bold colors and told with a jauntiness that belies the soberness of his themes about women coming together to make a change in their own homes and communities.’
    • ‘Loud, electric, provocative and theatrical, it brings all the excitement of the world's greatest playwright to life without any of the accompanying soberness that typically makes younger audiences slink from the theater in a stupor.’
    • ‘The characteristic of Scots which made the biggest impression on John Macky, travelling in Scotland in 1723, was "their religious soberness and decorous observance of the Sabbath."’
    • ‘Now I ask you in all soberness, if all these things do not tend to rub out the sentiment of liberty in the country.’
    • ‘I think there's a sense of seriousness and soberness right now in the country about the lack of health insurance.’
    solemnity, solemnness, earnestness, graveness, gravity, gravitas, soberness, sobriety, sombreness, sternness, grimness, dourness, humourlessness



/ˈsōbərnəs/ /ˈsoʊbərnəs/