Definition of social climber in English:

social climber


  • A person who is eager to gain a higher social status.

    Also called climber

    • ‘But an unprecedented study into class mobility, revealed today by Scotland on Sunday, suggests the boom days are over for social climbers.’
    • ‘The fashion and political worlds are better represented these days, and there are plenty of tourists, paparazzi and social climbers.’
    • ‘Shakespeare's father, John was a social climber who spent years lobbying for a coat of arms, and a sometime loan shark, whose usury saw him dragged into court at least once, according to surviving records.’
    • ‘Never leave a social climber in charge of your legacy.’
    • ‘The lowly servant, however, is also a social climber who seizes control of the situation for his own benefit.’
    • ‘What is certain about Andersen is that he was an inveterate social climber, and managed to latch on to some useful patrons.’
    • ‘As judicious middle class social climbers, they are intent on providing their daughter and son with a good match for their marriages.’
    • ‘In such a setting he could demonstrate to the social climbers that they could benefit from a marital alliance with him.’
    • ‘The social climbers thrust their way into the noble preserve not to destroy it but to make it their own.’
    • ‘He's a sycophant social climber who's not beyond using a little groveling to ingratiate himself with someone who advance his opportunities.’
    social climber, status seeker, would-be, go-getter, self-seeker, adventurer, adventuress


social climber

/ˌsōSH(ə)l ˈklīmər/ /ˌsoʊʃ(ə)l ˈklaɪmər/