Definition of social drinker in English:

social drinker


  • A person who drinks alcohol chiefly on social occasions and only in moderate quantities.

    ‘Arora and colleagues studied the impact of ranitidine on the blood alcohol levels of social drinkers.’
    • ‘The key targets are social drinkers, those who do not necessarily drink to get drunk, yet who may be irreparably damaging their livers nonetheless through constant consumption.’
    • ‘Researchers Dieter Meyerhoff of UCSF and Peter Martin of Vanderbilt scanned the brains of 46 heavy social drinkers and 52 light drinkers.’
    • ‘I have long believed that the difference between a social drinker and an alcoholic is that a social drinker finds himself in a situation where people happen to be imbibing, so he drinks.’
    • ‘Studies show that numerous and wide ranging differences develop between the ethanol metabolism of the occasional social drinker and that of the alcoholic.’
    • ‘So they make up excuses or label themselves as social drinkers and blame their weakness on the occasion.’
    • ‘The vast majority are social drinkers who indulge in moderation and only when they are with others - but never before lunch - and prefer their alcohol to be diluted with fruit juice.’
    • ‘Psychiatrists suspect social drinkers may be naturally more convivial than teetotallers.’
    • ‘At home, he's learned to be more of a social drinker.’
    • ‘Modification programs aimed at those who are social drinkers and feel in control of their ability to not drink and drive, will have to be vastly different from programs aimed at binge drinkers and problem alcoholics.’
    • ‘The 25-year study of babies born to mothers who were social drinkers found that even moderate levels of alcohol consumption had measurable effects on the babies.’
    • ‘A regular drinker and a social drinker were defined as one who drank on 4 or more days per week and on 3 or less days per week, respectively.’
    • ‘Although she had only been a social drinker, she had started drinking every day.’
    • ‘Is alcohol consumption something of such grave importance that children need to learn how to be proper, temperate social drinkers?’
    • ‘I was probably a social drinker more than anything and now I feel I can meet friends in pubs and not drink.’
    • ‘Campbell described himself as a social drinker but said he will seek professional advice to determine whether he has an alcohol problem.’
    • ‘Harry seems to have gone far, far beyond being a social drinker, even by teenage standards.’
    • ‘Most responsible social drinkers would likely say that yes, it is fine to have a glass or two of wine with dinner at a restaurant and then drive home.’
    • ‘Corporate culture itself helps to blur the line between social drinker and problem drinker.’
    • ‘Sam, a former light social drinker, swears he hasn't touched a drop since about two months into his new career.’