Definition of social engineer in English:

social engineer


  • 1A person who attempts to manage social change and regulate the development of a society by means of centralized planning.

    ‘the social engineers have decided this is the way they want our community to grow up’
    • ‘He has established a research trajectory for young scholars and social engineers that marks the beginning of a real and enduring scientific revolution.’
    • ‘Sheila is is a social engineer with an intuitive capacity to bring people together who would have otherwise never crossed paths.’
    • ‘Rail transit was promoted by social engineers who wanted to reform American lifestyles by reducing the amount of driving people did.’
    • ‘Morant partnered with the quintessential social engineer Robert Campbell in converting the numerous inner-city communities of Kingston.’
    • ‘They wanted to hear that clever social engineers could fix the world's problems and obviate the need for sacrifices in the future.’
    • ‘As ethical social engineers, our job is to test organizational security by seeing if our population will engage in risky behaviors.’
    • ‘The 18th-century social engineer Jeremy Bentham made plans for a prison built in a way that made it easy for convicts to be seen, but for convicts to have no way of knowing if they're being seen or not.’
    • ‘To the political and social engineers of what has come to be known as ‘urban planning’, the distinction between the city and the countryside has become a major preoccupation.’
    • ‘He has stood tall among his peers as a sagacious politician who has deepened democracy, a social engineer who has empowered thousands of his constituents through astutely managed programs.’
    • ‘Beyond that she was a brilliant litigator, I want people to recognize that she was one of the first true social engineers of our time, someone who actually changed the social landscape.’
  • 2A person who uses deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes.

    ‘social engineers take advantage of people's desire to be helpful’
    • ‘it appears that the social engineer targeted specific customers of the bank’
    • ‘As a social engineer, the key is to create an environment in which your target feels as if they are choosing to help you.’
    • ‘Social engineers and online scammers used passengers' boarding passes to try and phish for information.’
    • ‘Let's not think like the consumer that is meant to use this tool and instead, think like the malicious user or the social engineer.’
    • ‘Social engineers are employed by competitors to steal trade secrets and to lead companies into bankruptcy.’
    • ‘A social engineer can craft a very specific and personal attack tailored just for you.’
    • ‘Remember, a social engineer can be very convincing and has likely done his or her research on their assumed identity.’
    • ‘He discovered that a social engineer—a hacker—was pretending to be him in order to gain access to critical account information.’
    • ‘Hasty users can fall prey to such false people like phishers and social engineers, resulting in identity theft and financial loss.’
    • ‘The social engineer presents him or herself as someone other than who he or she really is in order to get information or drive a certain course of action.’
    • ‘An advanced social engineer can take advantage of weak physical security policies an organization has put in place.’


social engineer

/ˌsōSH(ə)l ˌenjəˈnir/ /ˌsoʊʃ(ə)l ˌɛndʒəˈnɪr/