Definition of social entrepreneur in English:

social entrepreneur

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  • A person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or effecting social change.

    ‘small-scale projects run by local or regional social entrepreneurs’
    • ‘His third act is no less audacious: taking on Hollywood by producing films about his favorite characters, social entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘Already, Ashoka has launched the makings of a global accelerator for social entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘I mean, part of the work of social entrepreneurs is to form links.’
    • ‘Like Jeremiah with his investment in Jerusalem, social entrepreneurs are declaring their hope in the city.’
    • ‘The most compelling opportunities for social entrepreneurs are the public schools.’
    • ‘Social entrepreneurs usually want to help people who need help, quickly.’
    • ‘Echoing Green fellows say that the greatest value comes from the network of social entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘I think the concept of being a social entrepreneur will stay on in this country.’
    • ‘Following the launch, Schwab invited these social entrepreneurs to New York to the World Economic Forum in January.’
    • ‘The lessons learned by the three social entrepreneurs mentioned in this article bring us closer to some much-needed answers.’
    • ‘And I'm interested in ways of keeping governments and social entrepreneurs honest and accountable.’
    • ‘He is part of a growing breed and paradigm known as social entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘Instead of social security benefits for the unemployed, disabled and disadvantaged, Latham advocates low-interest venture capital loans for "social entrepreneurs".’
    • ‘But the most important job of a social entrepreneur, she believes, is connecting people.’
    • ‘And whatever the lofty goals of social entrepreneurs, their success comes in no small part because they think big.’
    • ‘She said businesses and social entrepreneurs all had their role to play in inner city regeneration.’
    • ‘They become another group of new social entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘If as social entrepreneurs we are effectively to assist them, we must be business-like ourselves.’
    • ‘It seems he is a social entrepreneur too.’
    • ‘Social entrepreneurs have a habit of doing that.’