Definition of social gamer in English:

social gamer


See social gaming

‘The lure of the hardcore male gamer is waning and making way for the female social gamer, says a report by a mobile analytics company.’
  • ‘If you live in the Austin area and are a player seeking a GM, a GM seeking players, a wargamer seeking opponents, or any other kind of social gamer (CCGs, LARPS and others welcome), then give it a look.’
  • ‘It is possible that social gamers do not necessarily enjoy the challenge of "beating the game," or beating friends.’
  • ‘The breakdown between female and male social gamers is 55 and 45 percent, respectively, with an average age of 43 in the US and 48 in the UK.’
  • ‘There are an estimated 98 million social gamers in the U.S.’