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social insurance

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  • A system of compulsory contribution to provide government assistance in sickness, unemployment, etc.

    ‘It must be remembered that social security was designed as social insurance for exactly these workers.’
    • ‘The idea of social insurance against risk is quite compatible with a dynamic, free-market economy.’
    • ‘He added that related mechanisms, such as social insurance and unemployment benefits are also being strengthened to build a comprehensive job-safety net.’
    • ‘They designed several other Social Security proposals, which became known as public assistance as distinct from social insurance.’
    • ‘In 1942 a report by William Beveridge proposed a comprehensive British system of national social insurance.’
    • ‘Sweden's extensive system of social insurance pays for medical and dental care.’
    • ‘Implementing systems of social insurance for health care has proved, however, to be much more complex than expected.’
    • ‘He dismissed other options for funding the health service, such as social insurance or private provision.’
    • ‘Health Secretary John Reid said the current system of NHS funding by taxation was fairer, claiming social insurance was effectively a tax on work.’
    • ‘Churchill was converted to the Bismarckian model of social insurance following a visit to Germany.’
    • ‘It is simply wrong to equate money contributed through social insurance with money contributed through taxes.’
    • ‘The judges stated that a person covered by social insurance who was incorrectly refused authorisation was entitled to have the costs of treatment reimbursed.’
    • ‘There are lots of good places here, good theatre, the people are nice, there's a good social life, good social insurance.’
    • ‘Moreover, there is neither any worthwhile social insurance nor old-age pension.’
    • ‘Part-time workers do not receive any social insurance, pension, union rights, or paid holidays.’
    • ‘Social Security needs to stay as social insurance.’
    • ‘Poverty was to be conquered by a commitment to full employment together with social insurance.’
    • ‘A move towards social insurance would not necessarily create a two-tier healthcare system, the report states.’
    • ‘It is funded through social insurance, rather than general taxation, and patients, armed with reams of performance statistics, can choose where they are treated.’
    • ‘The government has submitted to the House of Representatives a draft law on social insurance that would cover health, accident, pension, life and retirement.’


social insurance

/ˈsōSHəl inˈSHo͝orəns/ /ˈsoʊʃəl ɪnˈʃʊrəns/