Definition of socialized medicine in English:

socialized medicine


  • The provision of medical and hospital care for all by means of public funds.

    ‘After 1989, socialized medicine ended and medical care moved toward privatization.’
    • ‘What I found interesting here is that half the country gets socialized medicine already (adding up Medicare and Medicaid).’
    • ‘This gives a hint of the strategic position the Academy of General Practice will fill years ahead while the issue of socialized medicine is debated in the forum of public opinion.’
    • ‘As for the quality of British health care, advocates of socialized medicine point out that while the British system may not be as rich as U.S. heath care, no patient is turned away.’
    • ‘In going to England I was eager to return to a country with socialised medicine and to compare the NHS's ability to provide care for a community with a similar low socioeconomic profile.’
    • ‘And Germany was the first to introduce socialized medicine when Chancellor Bismarck embarked on a national system of compulsory sickness insurance in 1883.’
    • ‘These data may be available in a few European countries with socialized medicine.’
    • ‘We may not have embraced socialized medicine, but the end effects of our system are the same.’
    • ‘But Gladwell begins his piece discussing how the lack of dental care among the poor demonstrates the need for socialized medicine.’
    • ‘The only genuine alternative to the present system is a program of socialized medicine that starts with the principle that adequate health care is a basic human right.’
    • ‘He was not obligated as Majority Leader to support the administration on socialized medicine or any other issue.’
    • ‘It's true that they have socialized medicine here, but they will still want to see her identification.’
    • ‘Alone among western industrialized nations, the United States at the end of the twentieth century lacked a system of socialized medicine or universal health insurance.’
    • ‘The basic framework of socialized medicine remains in place because the concept enjoys extraordinary popularity, even among conservative voters.’
    • ‘Support for a government-directed universal insurance system is strong, despite warnings about socialized medicine.’
    • ‘We are headed toward completely socialized medicine and are already halfway there, if, in addition to direct costs, we include indirect tax subsidies.’
    • ‘The system cited most often by supporters of socialized medicine is that of Canada.’
    • ‘Most of their revenues come from the sale of prescription medicines in just a dozen industrial countries where there is socialised medicine, whether it is the state or private insurance that picks up the tab.’


socialized medicine

/ˈsōSHəˌlīzd ˈmedəsən/ /ˈsoʊʃəˌlaɪzd ˈmɛdəsən/