Definition of socioculturally in English:



See sociocultural

‘Those projects judged socioculturally compatible, with a demonstrated understanding and analysis of social conditions, were found to have a rate of return more than twice as high as those judged deficient in these areas.’
  • ‘Canada's regions, from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic oceans, are socioculturally and geographically diverse, and its political structure is officially bilingual, English and French.’
  • ‘According to this view, serious psychological problems are typically intrapsychic and interpersonal in nature rather than socioculturally generated.’
  • ‘According to Cox, cultural identities stem from membership in groups that are socioculturally distinct.’
  • ‘People are in continual engagement in socioculturally framed face-to-face activities as they participate in and live their everyday lives.’