Definition of socioecological in English:


Pronunciation /-kəˈlSHjikəl/


See socioecology

‘He has chosen to concentrate on environmental factors - soil degradation, shortened fallows, vegetation change, disease, and urbanization to explain the socioecological collapse implied in the archeological record.’
  • ‘These networks are based on shared ethical, socioecological, and political values.’
  • ‘This community-focused, bottom-up approach tends to produce highly detailed, ethnographically derived accounts of socioecological changes within particular localities.’
  • ‘Domain analysis and socio-cognitivism thus share with Sandstrom's socioecological approach a broad biological and anthropological view.’
  • ‘Public health agencies must begin to develop surveillance measures of the socioecological determinants of health by seeking expertise in sociology, economics, and other sciences.’