Definition of socioecology in English:



  • The branch of science that deals with the interactions among the members of a species, and between them and the environment.

    ‘Identifying the factors that influence primate variability at the subspecific level can lead to more effective models for the evolution of primate socioecology.’
    • ‘The recent proliferation of long-term mammalian studies over broad geographic areas and taxa as diverse as carnivores, ungulates, and primates provided considerable insights into the socioecology of mammalian groups.’
    • ‘Adaptive socioecology rests on the notion that social systems can change rapidly in response to a novel ecology.’
    • ‘An exemplary work of socioecology from two of the world's best-known gorilla biologists, ‘Gorilla Society’ will be a landmark study on a par with the work of George Schaller - a synthesis of existing research on these remarkable animals and the societies in which they live.’
    • ‘To achieve this we also need a new understanding of human socioecology - one that cherishes our own diversity rather than exploiting it through hierarchies of state, race, class, and gender.’



/ˌsōSHēōˌēˈkäləjē/ /ˌsoʊʃioʊˌiˈkɑlədʒi/ /ˌsōsēōˌēˈkäləjē/ /ˌsoʊsioʊˌiˈkɑlədʒi/ /ˌsōSHēōəˈkäləjē/ /ˌsoʊʃioʊəˈkɑlədʒi/ /ˌsōsēōəˈkäləjē/ /ˌsoʊsioʊəˈkɑlədʒi/