Definition of sociologist in English:


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  • An expert in or student of the development, structure, and functioning of human society.

    ‘historians and sociologists are still split on the matter’
    • ‘Despite being disregarded by her male colleagues, she became a productive sociologist in addition to being a feminist and a pacifist.’
    • ‘Like the work of the sociologist, the task of the police investigator is to discover and reconstruct a network of motives.’
    • ‘He was the first sociologist to observe the Industrial Revolution in Britain.’
    • ‘On a basic level, we can all say we are sociologists.’
    • ‘Sociologists taking a structural perspective are concerned to establish social facts and laws.’



/ˌsōsēˈäləjəst/ /ˌsoʊsiˈɑlədʒəst/