Definition of sociopathic in English:



See sociopath

‘Some violent offenders are not sociopathic or psychopathic, yet probably about 20 percent of the prison population is diagnosable as being psychopathic.’
  • ‘Jason Soon has an interesting post drawing attention to research suggesting a link between psychopathic and sociopathic personalities and abnormal brain development.’
  • ‘Some individuals may well have a genetic propensity for aggression or for mental instability - or even for sociopathic behavior.’
  • ‘He's grown into a troubled and sociopathic adult.’
  • ‘His borderline sociopathic behaviour leads him into violent confrontations, wherein he's ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.’



/ˌsōsēəˈpaTHik/ /ˌsoʊsiəˈpæθɪk/ /ˌsōSH(ē)əˈpaTHik/ /ˌsoʊʃ(i)əˈpæθɪk/