Definition of sociopathy in English:



See sociopath

‘For example, prospectively matching alcoholic patients to cognitive behavioral therapy or interactional therapy based on levels of sociopathy and psychiatric severity was found to reduce negative consequences of drinking.’
  • ‘But what's not clear is if this is pathological lying to an extreme, so that it indicates actually a character flaw, anti-social personality or sociopathy which is found in many criminals.’
  • ‘If these defects lie in all of us, which of course they do to some extent, then looking at a more comprehensive list of symptoms for sociopathy and psychopathy might lead the way.’
  • ‘Modern scholarship has shown Lucrezia to be a rather unfortunate young woman who was the victim of her mad brother's sociopathy and her father's ruthless ambition.’
  • ‘Isn't consistently showing a lack of remorse or regret symptomatic of psychopathy or sociopathy?’



/ˌsōsēˈäpəTHē/ /ˌsoʊsiˈɑpəθi/