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  • Combining social and political factors.

    ‘sociopolitical pressures’
    • ‘Teachers and principals at this school continue to be influenced by certain socio-political factors.’
    • ‘The nation's intrinsic weakness was further compounded by socio-political factors.’
    • ‘Political stability and international insularity also led to socio-political stagnation in certain areas.’
    • ‘Inquirers will limit their sources to a handful of primary texts and broach them with a popular academic theory or through a socio-political theme.’
    • ‘The author also tells us about the economic history, the changing socio-political milieu and the spatial emergence of Bangalore.’
    • ‘What I do work with is satire and for that you need a lot more knowledge, the right temperament, and a grasp of the socio-political realities.’
    • ‘This enables him to comment on socio-political conditions in the State from a perspective that few other social scientists can match.’
    • ‘Fifty-one years ago, my father decided to leave his country of birth, to seek a life free from socio-political oppression.’
    • ‘Implicit visions of human rights often lie at the heart of socio-political demands for empowerment.’
    • ‘When freedom was curbed with narrow socio-political goals, the spirit of inquiry declined and virtually came to an end.’
    • ‘We want freedom, but ultimately, the socio-political reality determines the boundaries of freedom.’
    • ‘No one ever long had friends who deviated too radically from accepted socio-political norms.’
    • ‘Armstrong insinuates that the love for another human being is stronger than anything socio-political.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, the pictures in this book are devoid of any real socio-political or historical content.’
    • ‘Most of the controversial and contemporary socio-political issues have found a mention in the programme.’
    • ‘It is fundamentally a socio-political issue in the broad sense, a question of the formation and sustenance of new patterns of life.’
    • ‘Where angst is still present in rap music, it's less socio-political and more psychological.’
    • ‘The works are known and celebrated for their witty banter and deft socio-political critiques.’
    • ‘She flatly refused high office, for socio-political causes meant more to her.’
    • ‘Robert's many works for radio continue to deal with socio-political and ethical issues.’



/ˌsōsēōpəˈlid(ə)k(ə)l/ /ˌsoʊsioʊpəˈlɪd(ə)k(ə)l/