Definition of sock hop in English:

sock hop


informal North American
  • A dance for young teenagers at which they may dance in stocking feet.

    • ‘The band played at all the beach dances and high school sock hops.’
    • ‘Maybe going to sock hops and hanging out with friends at the mall on weekends is important to her.’
    • ‘The lyrics of ‘Sixteen Tons’ detail the difficult life of a coal miner - a far cry from the relatively carefree life of shared sodas and sock hops.’
    • ‘Those who came of age in the 1950s are honestly wistful for the innocent pleasures of Perry Como, Chubby Checker, and sock hops.’
    • ‘She notes that even in the romanticized 1950s-era of drive-ins, soda fountains and sock hops, many young couples had long-term relationships.’