Definition of socle in English:



  • A plain low block or plinth serving as a support for a column, urn, statue, etc. or as the foundation of a wall.

    ‘The building itself was in a starkly neoclassical style, with a long colonnade of flat, fluted piers without capitals or socles, and with triangular pediments adorned only with the raised letters of an inscription.’
    • ‘The epigraphic ensemble culminates in an extraordinary but poorly preserved rendition of the sultan's titles surrounding the lowest portion of the minaret, its octagonal socle.’
    • ‘The exterior elevation consists of three cylindrical shafts of decreasing thickness from bottom to top, set on an octagonal socle and reaching a total height of over 255 feet.’
    • ‘A pair of bust-length portraits in silver, mounted on turned wooden socles, represent a well-to-do Dutch couple and seem - on the evidence of the costume - to have been made around 1645.’
    • ‘One monitor, set on a socle in the middle of the room, was glowing brightly in the darkness.’
    plinth, base, support, bottom, bed, foot, substructure, mounting, platform, stand, foundation, pillar, column, pier



/ˈsäkəl/ /ˈsɑkəl/


Early 18th century from French, from Italian zoccolo, literally ‘wooden shoe’, from Latin socculus, from soccus (see sock).