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soda pop

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informal US
  • see soda (sense 1)

    • ‘chips and soda pop’
    • ‘We ate fatty meat and greasy ‘fry-ups’, had sugar in our tea and drank lemonade and soda pop with lots of sugar included.’
    • ‘Fizzy drinks, including soda pop and spritzers, increase bloating because the carbon dioxide trapped in the bubbles creates gas, which slows down stomach emptying.’
    • ‘Children's TV programs include commercials that push soda pop and ‘energy drinks’ heavily laden with sugar and caffeine.’
    • ‘Many wasp and bee species are scavengers and will forage for a wide variety of foods including fruits, ice cream, soda pop, jelly, sweet salads, and meat products.’
    • ‘The problem is that children drink too much soda pop.’
    • ‘Mama and Papa hope to some day be able to move to town, because they cannot bear the thought of their children not going to a real school and not ever drinking soda pop.’
    • ‘Many pregnant women must make difficult decisions during pregnancy, but deciding whether to drink a cup of coffee or can of soda pop is not one of them, says a University of Iowa researcher and physician.’
    • ‘What this article wants to say is that if you eat fish and porridge today, you'd be better off than eating fast food and soda pop.’
    • ‘Women who drink soda pop or other sugary drinks on a daily basis increases their risk of developing diabetes, according to new research at the Harvard School of Public Health.’
    • ‘The fizz in soda pop is carbon dioxide dissolved in water.’
    • ‘Avoid soda pop and coffee late in the evening if possible.’
    • ‘Whether you subscribe to the notion that we all need eight glasses of water a day, it's common sense that we are better off drinking more water and a lot less soda pop.’
    • ‘If people ate less salt, they would need to drink less liquid, including soda pop, say British researchers.’
    • ‘He's even sponsored a law forbidding schools to sell or give away soda pop and other foods of ‘minimal nutritional value’ when federally funded lunches are being served.’
    • ‘Parr agrees, observing that there is a developing trend among males 18 to 34 and women 24 to 54 to substitute flavored milks for soda pop.’
    • ‘The largest source of refined sugar in the U.S. diet is soda pop.’
    • ‘Children become a captive audience for ads showing expensive sneakers, junk food, and soda pop.’
    • ‘There was a clown to entertain children, a disc jockey, hot dogs and coolers loaded with soda pop.’
    • ‘When your feet stick to the floor of the movie theater, it is the spilled soda pop that is acting as an adhesive.’
    • ‘In the back corner booth two groups of friends melt together over cheese fries and soda pop.’


soda pop

/ˈsōdə ˌpäp/ /ˈsoʊdə ˌpɑp/