Definition of sodbuster in English:



informal North American
  • A farmer or farm worker who plows the land.

    • ‘he plays a gunfighter turned sodbuster’
    • ‘the Yankee sodbuster with his plough that broke the plains’
    • ‘The alliance of South and West - Georgia planters and Illinois sodbusters - that had dominated American politics since Jefferson's day splintered, then collapsed.’
    • ‘It was a place for the many cowpunchers, panhandlers, and sodbusters to come in and enjoy themselves.’
    • ‘From the style of the cowboys and cattlemen, the film's chief antagonists, to the salt-of the-earth sodbusters, the film's look was often inspired by Frederic Remington's work.’
    • ‘Two-Dollar Bill and his gang had arrived in Goatswood, another boom town serving the hundreds of panhandlers and sodbusters coming into the territory to make their fortunes.’
    • ‘Later, sodbusters would curse the tenacity of the area's gnarled trees and search for arable land elsewhere, leaving the timber to deer and squirrels.’



/ˈsädˌbəstər/ /ˈsɑdˌbəstər/