Definition of sodic in English:



  • 1Of or containing sodium.

    ‘A scintillometer could make a radiometric survey at the same time which would distinguish potassic from sodic granites.’
    • ‘The Lake George center, for instance, had three emplacements, one potassic, another sodic, and yet another with a mixed composition.’
    • ‘There are no secondary sodic phases present, and no observed albitization of potassium feldspar, suggesting only limited Na mobility.’
    • ‘First, albite is the sodic feldspar that separates from a ‘host’ potassic feldspar to form perthite.’
    • ‘Its occurrence is largely restricted to relatively unusual alkalic igneous rocks, such as sodic granites, certain syenites and trachytes, and related carbonatite-bearing terranes.’
    1. 1.1Mineralogy (of mineral, rock, or soil) containing a higher proportion of sodium than usual.
      ‘Students use standard procedures to qualify saline and sodic soils, observe salt and sodium effects on water percolation, and conduct a bioassay of incrementally-degraded soils with plants of varying salt-tolerance.’
      • ‘For saline and sodic soil which are more deficient in nutrients, it is necessary to apply about 20-25 per cent higher dose of ‘N’ than the normal soils.’
      • ‘Improving soil tilth and permeability by adding gypsum is only accomplished in sodic soils.’
      • ‘There is a wide range of topics which include saline, sodic, acidic, eroded, compacted, and organic soils.’
      • ‘Here we report the screening of C. arietinum genotypes for nodulation and grain-yielding ability in a sodic field over two growing seasons in order to identify genotypes with superior nodulation ability under stress.’



/ˈsōdik/ /ˌsoʊdɪk/