Definition of sodium bicarbonate in English:

sodium bicarbonate

Pronunciation /ˈˌsoʊdiəm ˌbaɪˈkɑrbəˌneɪt/

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  • A soluble white powder used in fire extinguishers and effervescent drinks and as a leavening agent in baking.

    Also called baking soda

    Chemical formula: NaHCO₃

    ‘They also demonstrated the use of fire extinguishers with chemicals such as sodium bicarbonate and diluted sulphuric acid.’
    • ‘The fizz comes from the production of carbon dioxide gas that is created when sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) reacts with acids.’
    • ‘Traditional treatment of ethylene glycol poisoning consists of sodium bicarbonate, ethanol, and hemodialysis.’
    • ‘Anecdotally, urinary alkalinizing agents, such as potassium citrate or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), have been useful to decrease urinary irritation.’
    • ‘The most popular extinguisher material is dry chemical foam or powder, typically made of sodium bicarbonate (normal baking soda), potassium bicarbonate (nearly identical to baking soda), or monoammonium phosphate.’
    • ‘For an air show, the planes might be loaded with sodium bicarbonate and different organic dyes so they trail colored smoke as the burning mixture volatizes the materials and the dyes condense into smoke.’
    • ‘In the lab, the echinoids must be prepared dry, typically by using an air abrasive machine with a soft powder such as sodium bicarbonate, and further stabilized to prevent disaggregation of sediments and echinoids.’
    • ‘For example, acid burns may be neutralized by the application of a paste of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to the affected area.’
    • ‘Ice packs or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) soaks, if available, may then be applied to the area stung.’
    • ‘He showed that, in the blood, carbon dioxide is combined with bases, chiefly as sodium bicarbonate which plays a part in acid-alkaline balance.’
    • ‘Well, the spell calls for sodium bicarbonate… that is baking soda, isn't it?’
    • ‘Hyperkalaemia was suspected and immediately treated with calcium levulinate, sodium bicarbonate, glucose-insulin, and salbutamol inhalation.’
    • ‘Anesthesia is usually accomplished by local infiltration; pain on administration of the injection can be decreased by buffering the solution with sodium bicarbonate.’
    • ‘There are also some concerns about the use of sodium bicarbonate, because it may worsen hypocalcemia or precipitate calcium phosphate deposition on various tissues.’
    • ‘It works by damaging the cell walls of the spores and while many other preparations are preventative, sodium bicarbonate will work as a contact fungicide.’
    • ‘The nicotine in tobacco can increase stomach acid production and decrease production of sodium bicarbonate, a substance that neutralizes stomach acid.’
    • ‘Treatment with sodium bicarbonate may worsen hypocalcemia initially because of the protein binding of calcium.’
    • ‘A watery liquid, rich in sodium bicarbonate, helps to ensure an alkaline environment in the duodenum for the proper digestion of food.’
    • ‘These are aggressive, cutting abrasives; crushed glass, glass bead, walnut shell, and plastic media are less aggressive; sodium bicarbonate is the softest abrasive available.’
    • ‘The surgeon infiltrates a local anesthetic combined with sodium bicarbonate into the breast tissue to enhance the effect of the anesthetic and, therefore, patient comfort.’