Definition of soever in English:



archaic, literary
  • Of any kind; to any extent.

    ‘how great soever the assurance is’
    • ‘These two, viz. intuition and demonstration, are the degrees of our knowledge; whatever comes short of one of these, with what assurance soever embraced, is but faith or opinion, but not knowledge, at least in all general truths.’
    • ‘His interests, as long as they are surveyed from this station, can never be put into the balance with our own, can never restrain us from doing whatever may tend to promote our own, how ruinous soever to him.’
    • ‘I shall from time to time report and consider all matters of what kind soever that shall occur to me, and publish such my advices and reflections every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the week for the convenience of the post.’
    • ‘Indeed, ‘how much soever he liked the other parts of the Constitution,’ it remained ‘a sufficient reason for him to give his negative to it.’’
    • ‘Burnet observed of him, not unreasonably, that ‘he seemed to think that what form soever was uppermost it might be complied with’.’



/sōˈevər/ /soʊˈɛvər/