Definition of soft-headedness in English:



See soft-headed

‘An obdurate will, rather than soft-headedness, is the primary reason why they cling to self-refuting concepts.’
  • ‘International greenhouse politics remains mired in a swamp of soft-hearted soft-headedness.’
  • ‘The mother needs a very accurate scale for this, since as little as five grams (less than one-fifth of an ounce) in excess can mean dangerous overfeeding, leading to obesity and ultimately to soft-headedness.’
  • ‘While I do not admire your soft-headedness, I do admire your consistency ... as this fits well with things I've seen you say on other diaries.’
  • ‘And his soft-headedness doesn't end there - as the full text of his speech reveals.’



/ˌsôftˈhedədnəs/ /ˌsɔftˈhɛdədnəs/