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soft drink

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  • A nonalcoholic drink, especially one that is carbonated.

    ‘Afterwards I drink soft drinks in the bar because we have another show to do tomorrow.’
    • ‘The company said much of the decline was due to a switch away from soft drinks to fruit juices and energy drinks.’
    • ‘I couldn't get a Coke or other caffeinated soft drink so I had to drink what was available; water or coffee.’
    • ‘The drink machine has run out of every soft drink except Deep Spring flavoured mineral water.’
    • ‘Reduce intake or avoid sweetened drinks such as soft drinks, cordials and sports drinks.’
    • ‘With consumers putting greater emphasis on health, sugary soft drinks like Coca-Cola are under assault.’
    • ‘Brooke manned the table with Jaelyn, pouring out a variety of soft drinks and juices.’
    • ‘Salt helps cover up any metallic or chemical aftertaste in products such as soft drinks.’
    • ‘Diners will also receive unlimited refills of local beer and soft drinks.’
    • ‘There were also intriguing soft drinks that had a marble stuck in the neck of the bottle in lieu of a cork.’
    • ‘It's pretty rough, but as long as you stick to soft drinks and avoid the drinking water, you should be fine.’
    • ‘It was also the only airline I ever flew where soft drinks and peanuts were not free.’
    • ‘A new report reveals sales of soft drinks in pubs are set to reach a record £1.8bn this year.’
    • ‘A barbecue will also take place at the Clifford Street station, and there will be a comedian as well as wine and soft drinks.’
    • ‘Like many others his age, Gautam loves his soft drinks thanks to the star cricketer endorsing it.’
    • ‘Why not at least balance out advertising space for confectionery and soft drinks with that for fruit and vegetables?’
    • ‘Coke officials took them on a tour of their plant to explain the process of manufacturing soft drinks.’
    • ‘Sure, there are mini-bars in all the rooms - but they only contain bottled water and soft drinks.’
    • ‘Beeley advised parents to minimise how many soft drinks they allow children to have and switch to alternatives.’
    • ‘They'd sell everything from soft drinks to records and you'd often see that image on the cover of a Trojan record.’


soft drink

/ˌsôft ˈdriNGk/ /ˌsɔft ˈdrɪŋk/