Definition of soft hyphen in English:

soft hyphen

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  • A hyphen inserted into a word not otherwise hyphenated, to be displayed or typeset only if it falls at the end of a line of text.

    ‘For operations such as searching and sorting, the soft hyphen should always be ignored.’
    • ‘Abstract Encoding of hard and soft hyphens, including guidelines for determining when a line-end hyphen is soft’
    • ‘Use of the non-breaking space and soft hyphen indicator characters is discouraged because support for them is not widely deployed.’
    • ‘In fact, I recommend that you never type a soft hyphen directly, but rather that you use a glossary item which types a hyphen-in-a-box, so that you can always see it, and then later perform a Find / Replace to turn these into soft hyphens for formatting purposes.’
    • ‘Throw in soft hyphens (as unicode characters) in multiline text fields, and Flash will actually render them as normal - always visible - hyphens!’


soft hyphen

/sôft ˈhīfən/ /sɔft ˈhaɪfən/