Definition of soft target in English:

soft target

Pronunciation /sôft ˈtärɡət/ /sɔft ˈtɑrɡət/


  • A person or thing that is relatively unprotected or vulnerable, especially to military or terrorist attack.

    ‘farms are a soft target for arsonists’
    • ‘Currently, enemy guerrilla forces identify soft targets or small combat patrols as ambush targets.’
    • ‘In the future, I think we can expect to see attacks on both military and civilian soft targets by our enemies.’
    • ‘We were facing a highly mobile and decentralized enemy whose task was to locate and attack soft targets.’
    • ‘However, due to the three firing modes, it can also engage and destroy hovering helicopters, non-armoured targets and soft targets, such as machine gun nests.’
    • ‘The far greater evil is that business people and others remain unprotected, and soft targets for bandits with ample access to firearms and willingness to use them to fatal effect.’
    • ‘Now, with reduced capabilities and decayed leadership, they've turned to attacking soft targets.’
    • ‘Another argument is that the attackers hit this compound because it wasn't heavily guarded, and they wanted to attack a soft target that would be easier to get close to.’
    • ‘Heat rounds have multi-purpose warheads which are used to defeat armored vehicles, helicopters and soft targets such as bunkers.’
    • ‘People look at him, in military terms, as a very soft target.’
    • ‘So, we asked Kelli Arena to take a look and what - where we are most vulnerable right now and how authorities are protecting soft targets, like shopping malls, commuter trains and hotels.’
    • ‘Some farms are still so-called soft targets because of a lack of security measures.’
    • ‘Four armed attacks against what are perceived as soft targets in less than a month are something the international community will see as a warning, and domestic travellers also will view the area as unsafe.’
    • ‘Significantly, the attack took place against, essentially, soft targets.’
    • ‘If terrorists really want to find a soft target then they will.’
    • ‘They were therefore a soft target who would crumble under attack.’
    • ‘The flashy BMW is not always the target of the joyrider; often it is the soft target which is most attractive.’
    • ‘This flaw in an otherwise laudable health strategy must be addressed swiftly before it becomes a soft target for those intent on undermining the overall plan.’