Definition of softening of the brain in English:

softening of the brain

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informal, archaic
  • Mental deterioration, especially senile dementia, supposedly resulting from degeneration of the brain tissue.

    • ‘Born near Leipzig, Germany, in 1844, the son of a Lutheran pastor, Nietzsche led a peripatetic childhood, owing to his father's death from ‘softening of the brain’ at 36.’
    • ‘Their father had died of what was called ‘softening of the brain’ when the two children were very small, and although Friedrich was just two years older than Elisabeth, he took on a paternal, not to say patronising role.’
    • ‘Following a fall, Friedrich's father died of encephalomalacia (softening of the brain) when the boy was just five.’
    • ‘Dr. George B. Abbott, a physician at the hospital, who made the post-mortem examination, said that Blew died from softening of the brain, and that his sister, father, and grandfather had been sufferers from the same disease.’
    • ‘And what symptoms can softening of the brain cause?’
    decrepitude, infirmity, feebleness, unsteadiness, senescence, decline, old age, dotage, second childhood, confusion, Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia


softening of the brain

/ˈsôf(ə)niNG əv/ /ˈsɔf(ə)nɪŋ əv/ /ə T͟Hē/ /ə ði/ /T͟H(ə)/ /ð(ə)/ /T͟Hē brān/ /ði breɪn/