Definition of softish in English:



See soft

‘Mix in 175 ml - 200 ml cold water - enough to make a softish dough.’
  • ‘But most experts - including David Smith, the Sunday Times economics editor - predict a softish landing.’
  • ‘The new mix of news, features and interviewers in a softish approach with the ‘cover’ story at the end, changed.’
  • ‘The scones were slightly warm, butter softish and jam acceptable.’
  • ‘There was greyness for a moment, and then a softish rose light.’
  • ‘Caerphilly is a moist, whole-milk cheese with a crumbly, softish texture and a mild, acid tang, which was a favourite of Welsh miners.’



/ˈsôftiSH/ /ˈsɔftɪʃ/