Definition of softphone in English:



  • A piece of software that allows the user to make telephone calls over the internet via a computer.

    ‘Have been trying out the Vonage softphone with some success.’
    • ‘To make things easier for the staff, we wanted to have a working soft phone on their terminals with headsets for hands-free operation.’
    • ‘The SIP softphone gives you everything you need to facilitate communication around the office.’
    • ‘The front of the softphone has a graphic scale that uses a stroking action for scrolling the phonebook.’
    • ‘It can send a softphone telephone call through a 3G or WiFi client back into a corporate network.’
    • ‘Future functionality will include the ability to mash-up the softphone with webcams, Meebo, Flickr, etc.’
    • ‘For a Vonage, it could replace the softphone entirely or offer a way for prospective users to test the service without having to install hardware or software.’
    • ‘Why doesn't Vonage just build a video IM client for the PC (not a softphone), that supports video?’
    • ‘The outer body is designed to be inexpensive so that user might have several soft phone bodies for use with only one phone module.’
    • ‘How are they going to define a device with WiFi connectivity and some VoIP softphone?’
    • ‘The new system also includes support of a PC-based "softphone," providing inexpensive voice network access for local and remote users.’
    • ‘A piece of software called a "softphone" uses your computer's speakers and microphone.’
    • ‘Michael George has an example of how a thin-client environment almost works to solve a problem, but the project needed one key local app, the soft phone.’
    • ‘If you are calling from this softphone or IP phone to another soft or IP phone, there is no charge beyond your own Internet access fees.’
    • ‘The soft wrist phone was developed in parallel with the soft phone so that one phone module can migrate between both products.’
    • ‘They're calling this an "embedded softphone" and it will support live, spontaneous voice chats among lots of callers.’
    • ‘The soft phone has a squeezable and bendable body.’
    • ‘I suppose it's a moot point to wonder how you call the fire brigade on your softphone if the power's gone off.’
    • ‘On top of that, you get a softphone, which is no big deal, and you have to buy service which seems more expensive than most other VoIP providers out there.’
    • ‘Mark uses a "softphone," software that runs on his laptop when he travels on business.’



/ˈsäftˌfōn/ /ˈsɑftˌfoʊn/