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  • The programs and other operating information used by a computer.

    Compare with hardware

    as modifier ‘the software industry’
    • ‘These lapses have nothing to do with the operating system or software being used.’
    • ‘The suspect is in charge of data input and software operations at a company, police said.’
    • ‘The software means that computers can treat voice in the same way as text, or any other form of data.’
    • ‘The basic issue at hand is whether computer software can or should be entitled to a patent.’
    • ‘What's important is to get the client using the blog software and seeing the value in it.’
    • ‘Users will also need special software to play the files on their desktop computers.’
    • ‘I was wondering if anyone could advise me on setting up voice software for use in gameplay.’
    • ‘In the work we do, computers and other hardware and software are the tools we use.’
    • ‘Get some basic animation software for your computer and start to play about with it at home.’
    • ‘The company develops software that mimics the human brain in the way that it works.’
    • ‘We're trying to make all software secure all the time so computing is safe for everyone.’
    • ‘You may have conflict trouble with any software that plays about with disk drives.’
    • ‘This software protects data on single systems and clusters on a wide range of platforms.’
    • ‘Customers should be able to move software from server to server in a much more fluid way than in the past.’
    • ‘My belief is that voice recognition software is now so good that anyone can blog if they can speak.’
    • ‘There is no real work that needs to be done to software in order to take advantage of the multicore chips.’
    • ‘There are also severe restrictions on the types of software that can be patented.’
    • ‘One of the perks of having a job like mine is that I get to try out lots of new software.’
    • ‘This is a fancy piece of software and so the company logically went for a patent.’
    • ‘It is clear enough that nobody is forced to commercialize their code as free software.’
    program, software, routine, use



/ˈsôf(t)ˌwer/ /ˈsɔf(t)ˌwɛr/