Definition of soldo in English:


nounplural noun soldi/ˈsäldē/ /ˈsɑldi/

  • A former Italian coin and monetary unit worth the twentieth part of a lira.

    ‘In sixteenth-century governmental documents dealing with the Zecca, however, this particular representation of the lion is invariably called ‘San Marco in soldo,’ after the name of the coin, the soldo, on which it frequently appeared.’
    • ‘Moreover, although some end words are illegible on the right side, it is clear that a rebate was granted: the tenants owed 4.16 lire while they actually paid 4.8 lire, as the remaining 8 soldi had been discounted.’
    • ‘The reliefs of the ‘leon in soldo’ and Justice on the portal, then, seem to refer deliberately to the coins that were being issued in the mid-sixteenth century to solve this pressing problem for the Venetian economy.’



/ˈsäldō/ /ˈsɑldoʊ/


Italian, from Latin solidus (see solidus).