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solicitor general


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nounsolicitors general

  • 1The law officer directly below the attorney general in the US Department of Justice, responsible for arguing cases before the US Supreme Court.

    ‘Jim Wallace also insisted that Lord Hardie only had a titular role in the Lockerbie case and that prosecution proper was in the capable hands of the former Solicitor General, now Lord Advocate, Colin Boyd QC.’
    • ‘In 1733 he married Anne Stewart, who was the daughter of the Solicitor General for Scotland.’
    • ‘The Attorney General and the Solicitor General can also be called to sit in on a cabinet meeting; these are currently Lord Goldsmith and Harriet Harman respectively.’
    • ‘Then the Lord Advocate, after consulting with the Solicitor General and the Lord President, would forward the finalised list to Scottish Courts Administration for the appointments to be made.’
    • ‘A copy went to the Attorney General who initialled it and the Solicitor General endorsed the submission with his agreement to the making of the application.’
    lawyer, legal representative, legal practitioner, legal executive, notary, notary public, advocate, attorney
    1. 1.1A position similar to solicitor general in some US states.
      ‘In 1998, she successfully ran for Solicitor-General of DeKalb County where she has remained until the present time.’
      • ‘The Solicitor General must investigate, charge, and prosecute misdemeanor violations of Georgia Statutes and County Ordinances that occur in the county.’