Definition of solipsism in English:


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  • 1The quality of being very self-centered or selfish.

    1. 1.1Philosophy The view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.
      ‘It seems that transcendental phenomenology inevitably involves solipsism.’
      • ‘As Heidegger puts it, anxiety testifies to a kind of ‘existential solipsism.’’
      • ‘This conclusion, however, is valid only if Searle is right in claiming that collective intentionality conforms to methodological solipsism.’
      • ‘Wittgenstein's two arguments about solipsism both dispense with it.’
      • ‘To be precise it leads to solipsism - doubting everything but your own existence - but the means they propose to limit skepticism are astounding.’



/ˈsäləpˌsizəm/ /ˈsɑləpˌsɪzəm/


Mid 19th century from modern Latin solipsismus, from Latin solus ‘alone’ + ipse ‘self’+ -ism. Both senses are first taken from uses by German philosophers.