Definition of solitudinarian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsälət(y)o͞odəˈnerēən/ /ˌsɑlət(j)udəˈnɛriən/


  • A person who lives a solitary life; a recluse.

    ‘He pays no visits, and being a solitudinarian, frequents not even a single club in London.’
    • ‘'There goes a solitudinarian,' said one. 'What is he thinking of that he fights so shy of his kind?'’
    • ‘A noted traveler, he continued to be, an adventurer, but always a solitudinarian.’
    • ‘There are breakfast-rooms and supper-rooms, little nooks where the solitudinarian may steal away for an hour of communion with his favorite novelist or poet.’
    • ‘It seemed to be more suited to those the world prefers to ignore: recluses, solitudinarians withdrawn from worldliness and public notice, supernatural beings and the mad.’
    loner, solitary, lone wolf